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What we did ?
UX design
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The challenge

Blooming Riders is the first platform dedicated to horse video lessons. They choose not to specialize in one or two very specific areas but try to take into account all aspects of the horse. With online videos on the education, training, and daily management of horses.

On the platform, subscripted members have unlimited access to these different themes of video courses. The platform's videos are available in the form of programs that enable you to have videos customized to your specific needs, where each rider can find what suits him or her.

The Blooming Riders team is made up of many professionals in the equestrian sector, each with a well-defined specialty. They provide hundreds of hours of video lessons to help you progress and give you the possibility of having video coaching at a distance. More than 20 top-rated and popular speakers regularly take part in video courses on their theme. 🐴

Nightborn’s mission was to design & build a mobile app available on iOS and Android that allows people to subscribe and watch their video courses. An app that lets you listen and watch the videos wherever you are.

The solution
The learning platform that offers online courses on horses and riding.

We started by developing Blooming Riders' unique branding. Blooming Riders is all about being sparkling, joyful & élégant. Yet also being professional, modern & accessible. We've implemented this in our designs, as they provide equestrian knowledge, techniques & methods that aren't easily accessible to every rider because of costs, reliability & logistics issues.

The next step was to create an MVP that would allow us to quickly evaluate whether the video platform's UX met user expectations. We ensured that users have access to a personalized section of the platform where they can access relevant content such as courses they've already started, recommendations & saved content. Users are also able to filter their courses by predefined criteria in order to facilitate the browsing of specific content. Afterward, they're able to rate the content, which helps the general conversion rate as visitors are able to see that the courses contain high-quality content & they can easily trust Blooming Riders.

During this process, we ensured the development of multiple landing pages based on segmented campaigns. This gives the Blooming Riders team detailed, real-time insight into how people interact with their platform. With data at their fingertips, they can iterate continuously, focus on the most impactful features & innovate faster. Allowing them to visualize users, send notifications & handle all their subscriptions & programs.

After developing the MVP, we took additional steps to optimize the Blooming Riders platform & attract more users. One of our strategies was the creation of a landing page dedicated to improving search engine optimization (SEO). This carefully designed landing page aimed to increase the visibility of the platform & drive more organic traffic to it.

In our efforts to encourage user engagement, we implemented a referral system. By spreading the word about the platform, users have the opportunity to receive reductions on their subscriptions as a gesture of gratitude.

We also recognized the importance of capitalizing on special occasions such as Winter Deals & Black Friday. To leverage these opportunities, we created dedicated user interfaces (UI) that prominently showcased promotions & discounts during these periods. Giving users easy access to take advantage of the exciting offers available.

As always, improving the user experience (UX) was a key focus for us. We conducted a comprehensive revamp of specific components within the platform to achieve this. One notable enhancement was the streamlining of the subscription flow, making it smoother & more intuitive for users to sign up & manage their subscriptions. Additionally, we made the lesson card more visually appealing & user-friendly, enhancing the overall usability of the platform.

In our commitment to provide convenient payment options, we introduced a new method called "Code Partenaires." This payment method allows users to purchase codes from select stores & redeem them on the subscription page. By entering their code, users gain access to a subscription, offering them a hassle-free & accessible payment alternative.

These are just a few examples of the initiatives we undertook. More updates & improvements are in the pipeline, as we continuously strive to enhance the Blooming Riders platform & provide an exceptional user experience.


Blooming Riders believes in promoting a modern equestrian practice based on scientific knowledge and deeply embedded in strong values.

We double-checked if the design was implemented correctly. Fonts, colors, images, and so on... There was no room for an unperfect UI because Blooming Riders must be recognizable in any situation, visually combining modernity & elegance.

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Final words

Blooming Riders’ goal is to break down the existing barriers between different equestrian practices and to build bridges between them: they believe in using the best from each world. Their mission is to provide the best equestrian knowledge & practices to each and every horse rider looking to learn and become a better rider. By conveying good performing equestrian sports practices based on strong well-being & ethical foundation.

Did you know that Blooming Riders has its own YouTube channel? 👉 Subscribe 👈 to make sure you don't miss any of their free videos!

Be sure to check out! It's truly a strong community. United & committed to the same values.

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