A mobile app that allows students to listen to the best summaries through podcasts

Easyllabus - Mockup main Mobile app
What we did ?
UX design
UI design
User testing
The challenge

Easyllabus was created to help students that seek academic success memorize their courses.

Nightborn’s mission was to build a mobile app available on iOS and Android that allows students to listen to their lessons in order to fully understand them. An app that lets you listen to educational podcasts wherever you are, based on student-written summaries and syntheses.

The Solution
Leading students to success with a practical tool

The courses are recorded as podcasts by students, for students. Studies have shown that we retain 30% more content by listening to it than by reading it. The goal was to create a practical tool for students where they can listen to the courses they need and organize their courses into different categories in the most efficient way possible.

With Easyllabus, the solution was to design an app where each student who registered can find their university, their faculties and listen to the best summaries whether they are shopping for groceries, doing sports, or going for a walk.

For better use of the application, the student can subscribe to a premium membership in order to enjoy the best study advantages, as downloading pdf documents, listening whenever they want, and without interruptions.


Easyllabus was designed for students who are looking for structure throughout their academic careers. The app offers meaningful icons with inspiring colors to motivate while learning and to help structure the study.

Want to see other branding:👉 https://nightborn.be/projects 👈

Final words

Easyllabus reached the N°1 spot in the ranking of educational apps in the app stores. The work put into this mobile app was made for the student, with one purpose: to help them achieve their goals and pass their exams. A simple way to learn your courses is by bringing them everywhere at any time, so what's better than listening to them on your phone?

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