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What we did ?
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The challenge

Medicheck’s ambition is to disrupt the activity of medical control to make it more humane towards employees & more efficient for companies. They have developed an innovative approach that reduces the intrusive effect & negative surprise that's traditionally associated with medical control while also increasing the rate of early return to work.

Nightborn’s first mission was to build a desktop application for MediCheck's operational team to improve their workflow in terms of time & efficiency. We had to understand how they used to work in order for us to create the custom desktop application they needed to perform better.

Next, having a digital solution for companies meant that companies needed to send their data to MediCheck, just as the doctors had to send the results of the checks. Therefore, Nightborn also had to build solutions for both the clients & doctors.

The Solution
A custom back-office tool and digital tools for both clients & doctors that answers concrete business needs.

In order to improve Medicheck’s workflow in terms of time & efficiency we built a powerful desktop app in React & Electron that drastically decreased MediCheck's operation time, jumping from 20 minutes per check to 5 minutes.

Next, we built digital tools for both clients & doctors. The biggest one being MyCertificate, a solution that digitizes the management of medical certificates for companies. This application allows workers to encode their certificate details & receive proof of receipt through SMS, eliminating the need for companies to scan, encode, or track the certificates manually. 

MyCertificate integrates directly into the company's internal HR system, reducing administrative workloads & providing real-time notifications of worker absences to the relevant personnel. Companies can also track their absenteeism statistics through a personal dashboard or through raw data in Excel format.

Final Words

To reach our goal and meet all MediCheck’s needs, we accompanied them in this digital transition from A to Z & continue to collaborate to this day.

Through this collaboration, MediCheck was able to create a more ethical system of doing things & remove the impression of the employer's mistrust in the capacity of the worker. By digitizing the process of medical control & optimizing the workflow, MediCheck also makes it more efficient for employers.

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