Shopping at your local bakery, butchery and supermarkets has never been this easy

Nightborn - Shopplett application
What we did ?
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The challenge

Imagine being able to order fresh food and other groceries from home, produced by your favorite local butchers, bakeries, or even local supermarkets. To just place your order and have it delivered by a personal shopper.

Especially in this period of the pandemic, Shopplett will save you from having unnecessary contacts. Since these days are unfavorable for the self-employed, Shopplett gives you the opportunity to support your locals.

The challenge for Shopplett and Nightborn was to create an instinctive web application in order to allow an optimal connection between the customer and the local store. Besides, we only had a short period of time to build this application that serves the needs of the current situation, which means that well-considered choices and decisions had to be taken as fast as possible.

The Solution
A web application that links customers and local shops.

We opted for a simple process and created a web application on which you just have to register and enter your address to find your favorite businesses to place your order.

Once the choice of groceries has been determined, your order will be automatically sent to your personal shopper who will contact you to communicate the price of your shopping list. Finally, payment will take place upon delivery, on the agreed day and time.


Shopplett was designed primarily for young workers who might not have time to do their own shopping. This is how the concept was developed. Nightborn took on the task of creating the logo and its branding.

Final Words

Given the current circumstances we're experiencing, Shopplett can quickly turn out to be essential, despite having a seemingly simple application.

The application already has quite a few users in Flanders and is planning to expand. The project, which aims to connect consumers and small businesses, is also reinventing the way of shopping. Hopefully, the efforts of Shopplett and Nightborn devoted to this project will soon pay off.

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