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Today, applications and digital products reached the very top. Technology is now at the core of every single modern company, and as far as know, it won’t change for a while. Quite a while.

Our job at Nightborn is to make it more human. We create digital products that improve people’s lives and workflow, we help them reach their goals, and solve their problems faster.

We make applications that are both functional and beautiful. Applications that spark emotions. Applications that delight users.

In short, we create digital products that help people achieve things differently and more efficiently.

This is what we do every single day with passion.

User Experience Design

User experience and user needs are the pinnacles of our design approach. We envision and design digital experience for all platforms. We craft smart, usable, and profitable experiences.

At Nightborn we create products and applications that answer a need. That’s why we always try to get an intimate understanding of who we are designing for and what’s the purpose behind.

Research, personas, benchmarks, wireframes, interactive prototypes, customer journeys, A/B testing - we are here to help and facilitate.

User Interface Design

That’s when exciting things happen! That’s when we search for ways of making your application appealing and we carefully design everything down to the pixel.

In order to deliver high-end and beautifully designed interfaces, we love to include in our designs: icons, illustrations and micro-interactions, and motion design.

At Nightborn, we believe UI design is all about building user satisfaction through interactions. That’s why we thoroughly think about every single interaction. Every single click, tap or swipe is elaborated and designed to create a seamless experience.


Outstanding usability doesn’t appear out of anywhere. It’s crucial to proceed with usability testing through interactive prototypes. With our user-centered approach, we believe it’s important to gather user’s feedback as soon as possible into the project.

As soon as we have a prototype, we start testing and incorporating user feedback; this type of early iteration is what makes the difference between a good and a great product.

Testing prototypes with real users and gathering feedback on the early stages helps us build applications that people want.

Front-End Development

We’re doing it cross-platforms and you’ll fall in love with it. We’re used to developing on several platforms such as Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Web and Wearables.

Our tech guys are used to work with cross-platform frameworks such as React, Flutter, and Qt which allow us to be ultra-efficient and share code between platforms. This results in faster development and a lower budget for you.

On top of that, we are quality freaks. Everybody knows that most digital agencies could develop an app. They’ll push the work to 80%. At Nightborn we push the last 20% to ensure a high-end quality through creative concepts and custom animations.

Back-End Development

Great solutions start with great foundations. Building an app is like building a house. We see back-end development as the foundations of every development.

Depending on the client or even third-parties we’ll use different formats. Even though the standard today is JSON, we’ve already had to map our way through a legacy XML-using server. Every back-end we develop has SWAGGER documentation provided with it, to encourage third-party integration if needed.

We develop several kinds of back-ends such as REST API, GraphQL and web-sockets.

Database Development

In the era where personaldata is the new gold we believe it’s important to build secure databases for your application. We never underestimate data protection.

Depending on the project we’ll opt for a SQL option (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server) or a NoSQL option (MongoDB, CosmosDB).

As our main Back-End development framework is .NET CORE, we like to use an ORM called EntityFramework. This one enables a smooth transition between Database Query Languages and the development language


“A non-tested feature is a bugged feature”. At Nightborn we’re all about quality that’s why testing is a crucial part of our process.

We make sure your app is performant, that the code is optimized, that it loads fast and is stable with high volume traffic thanks to integration and unit tests. We make sure the design is correctly implemented. Fonts, Colors, Images, there is no space for unperfect UI. We make sure that every elaborated flow is working properly. With our functional testing, we test feature by feature with defined scenarios.

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